Ashland Craft Releases Rockin’ New Track “That’s The Kinda Place” As A Tribute To Her Hometown

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Ashland Craft put out another track from her upcoming debut album, Travelin’ Kind.

The entire record is due out on September 3rd, and she already released the first single that I absolutely love called “Make It Past Georgia,” as well as “Your Momma Still Does.”

The newest release, “That’s The Kinda Place,” is a tribute to her hometown of Piedmont, South Carolina, and everything that shaped her into the woman she is today.

Ashland wrote it alongside Rodney Clawson and Jonathan Singletonand shared a little bit about what the song means to her in a post with old home video footage of her growing up:

“That’s the Kinda Place” is OUT NOW!! I remember being 18 and ready to take off to see everything the world has to offer.

But I never knew how much I’d miss home after I actually left.

We always made the best of any situation growing up, and I believe my small town made the girl you see today. I’ll always be proud of that.”

Even though it has pretty upbeat, rocking production, the lyrics themselves have such a nostalgic feel. If you grew up in a similar small town, I think you’ll appreciate the sentiment:

“Never think you’ll miss the slow down of it
Learnin’ lessons from the hard times of it
Until you get a few miles between the grown-up you
And all the used-to-be’s

Yeah, we were backroad barbed wire fence roadrunners
Dancin’ to the beat of that small town drummer
Singin’ through the radio static 
We didn’t know how good we had it
We were Texaco parkin’ lot street light dreamin’ bout
18 headin’ where the grass gets greener
The place you fall out and back in love with
That’s the kinda place I grew up in”

Check out her live performance here:

And, I always have to include the acoustic, raw version if it exists because those are my favorite.

Her voice is so strong and raspy, and you can really appreciate how personal and meaningful the song is in this type of format:

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A beer bottle on a dock