30 New-ish Country Songs Everyone Should Be Listening To Right NOW

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There has been a ton of good music coming out recently.

For the past few months, New Music Friday has actually been something to look forward to, with new singles, EPs, and albums coming out from everyone’s favorite artists each week.

Albums from Parker McCollum, Flatland Cavalry, Vincent Neil Emerson, and more highlights of the summer for sure, but there is even more new stuff out there that needs to be on your playlists.

While there are hundreds of new songs out there that deserve recognition, here are 30 of my favorites that have been released over the last few months.

Maybe you’ve already heard them, maybe you haven’t… either way, these are the songs y’all need to be listening to right now.

“Bad Bad Things” – Jacob Stelly

“The Ballad of the Choctaw-Apache” – Vincent Neil Emerson

“Beautiful Disaster” – Leah Blevins

“Boy From Anderson County” – Kolby Cooper

“Borrowed Time” – John R. Miller

“Buried Alive” – Kody West

“Coalshooter” – Cole Chaney

“College Try” – Futurebirds (ft. Carl Broemel)

“Coming Back Around” – Slade Coulter

“Drag Me Down” – Graycie York

“Heroes” – Bri Bagwell

“Fallin’ Out” – Austin Upchurch

“Fire Line” – Billy Strings

“Heartache and a Memory” – The Vegabonds

“Longer Than She Did” – Cody Johnson

“Lookin’ Back” – Jesse Daniel

“More Than I Did Then” – Bo Armstrong

“New Tattoos” – South Texas Tweek

“No Ace in the Hole” – Flatland Cavalry

“Paycheck to Paycheck” – Mike and the Moonpies

“Ramon Ayala” – Giovannie and the Hired Guns

“Rose In The Red Dirt” – Holly Tucker

“Osage County” – Matt Williams

“Round this World” – Charley Crockett

“Somewhere in the Middle” – Carson Jeffrey

“Off the Edge” – Cole Barnhill

“Tequila Sundown” – Jon Wolfe

“What Our Parents Taught Us” – Kat Hasty

“Why Indiana” – Parker McCollum

“You’re Lucky She’s Lonely” – Summer Dean and Colter Wall

And the good news is that most of these songs can be found our Texas Country Playlist, with many of the remaining tunes on other playlists.

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