Pennsylvania Man Scammed Out Of $7,000 By Carrie Underwood Imposter

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To quote the great Chazz Reinhold from the 2005 film Wedding Crashers…


According to Fox 56, a 24 year old Snyder County man has filed a police report after he was allegedly scammed out of more than $7 GRAND by a Carrie Underwood imposter on social media.

Under the impression that he would eventually get to meet Carrie, he forked over $7,188.62 in gift cards over the course of several months.

Police are “investigating.”

Ok look, if this was my 54 year old mother who STILL thinks Scotty McCreery follows her on Twitter, than I might have a bit of sympathy, but bro… you’re 24, you should know how Instagram works.

And even if you’ve only used any form of social media one time in your entire life, why the FUCK does multi-millionaire country music superstar Carrie Underwood need various gift cards from you? There’s literally no scenario where that makes sense.

So no, I don’t feel sorry for you at all.

On the bright side, if you can drop $7 grand on the chance to meet Carrie Underwood it sounds like you at least have a little change to spare, and you probably just completely transformed the life of some dude in Tajikistan who’s now going to live like a king on the 7 grand you just gave him.

But hey, if you want to try and make that back, and them some, I know a billionaire Nigerian prince who might need a hand harboring some funds in an American bank account… and I hear he pays handsomely.

Seriously though, look for the blue check people… it’s not that hard.

Maybe next time he’ll think before he… sends a large amount of money to a complete stranger on the internet. Sorry, had to…

Here’s a PSA from some other country stars, which can best be summed up by Blake Shelton:

“Never give out any of your private information. If you do, you’re fucking dumb.”

Well said Blake…

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