Dillon Carmichael Serves Up A Serious Dose Of Nostalgia With New “Hose Water”

Man, was there anything that tasted better than a cold drink of water straight out of the hose on a hot day when we were kids?

Ok if we’re being honest it tasted like shit, but there aren’t many things more nostalgic for so many people than that hose water.

And that’s exactly the kind of nostalgia that Dillon Carmichael serves up with his new song, “Hose Water,” bringing back childhood memories like using street signs for target practice, taking your first dip of Red Man, and drinking straight from the water hose.

“Yeah, that’s just the way it was
Way back where I grew up
Bare feet on a county road
Stealing kisses on a turn row
It’s been a minute, yeah, it’s been a while
But I’d drive a million two-lane miles
To a town that’s smaller
And gas was a dollar
When the days got hotter
You’d take a sip of that hose water”

Talking about the nostalgic power of the song, Dillon says:

“I first fell in love with ‘Hose Water’ because it brought back so many memories of growing up in small-town Kentucky. I spent many hot summer days drinking hose water, as well as playing in it for hours with my cousins and friends.

Whether you’re from a tiny town or the big city, the lyrics are relatable and will instantly transport you back to happier and simpler times. Especially right now, I think a nostalgic trip down memory lane is something we could all use.”

“Hose Water” was written by 90’s country powerhouse Rhett Akins, along with Scooter Carusoe and Paul DiGiovanni.

And like his current single “Hot Beer,” this latest release from Dillon was produced by none other than Jon Pardi, along with Ryan Gore.

Dillon released a 6-song EP back in May, but now he’s gearing up to release a full-length project in the fall.

I’m sure we’ll get “Hose Water” on the new album, but one of the songs I’m most looking forward to is a song that Dillon’s performed live a few times called “Son of A.”

Dillon’s one who’s been on my radar for awhile now, and he just keeps knocking it out of the park – but would we expect any less from a guy who’s the nephew of John Michael Montgomery and Montgomery Gentry’s Eddie Montgomery?

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A beer bottle on a dock