Parker McCollum Plays Sold-Out Show For 20,000 Fans The Day After Releasing ‘Gold Chain Cowboy’

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Parker McCollum had himself one hell of a weekend.

After the release of his major-label debut and third studio album, Gold Chain Cowboy, on Friday, he played a completely sold-out show to a crowd 20,000 people at the Dos Equis Pavilion in Dallas, Texas on Saturday night.

It was the biggest crowd he’s ever played for, and I have a feeling the Texas native is going to be breaking his own record again in the near future. After putting out yet another incredible collection of songs, the next stop: The Moon.

He posted some photos from the special evening on Instagram, saying:

“Photo dump from last night in Dallas! 20,000 of my closest friends came and sold it out!

From the bottom of my heart, Thank You! God bless country music!”

Country music is alive and well, folks.

He also shared an inspiring post on Twitter that exemplified how far he’s come since his very first show in Dallas six years ago, saying:

“First show I ever played in Dallas was at The Vagabond in 2015 for about 11 people and they told us to play quieter or stop lol.

Last night we sold out 20,000 people downtown at Dos Equis! Bust your ass every day and chase that dream! Love y’all!”

It just goes to show that all the incredibly hard work and hours he’s put in grinding it out on the road to finally get to a show like this (on release weekend, no less) was worth it:

And, if you want to know what 20,000 Parker McCollum fans sounds like, check out his performance of “Hell Of A Year”:

He was even joined on stage by his producer Jon Randall playing guitar during the show. It sounds like the crowd couldn’t get enough of “Like A Cowboy”:

It just warms the heart to see stuff like this. Congrats to Parker on a hell of a release weekend… it’s just the beginning.

He ain’t half bad stripped-back with just an acoustic guitar, either:

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