Parker McCollum Hits Even Harder With Stripped-Down Version Of “Rest Of My Life”

Gimme that SLIDE.

Parker McCollum has exceeded our expectations and then some with the release of his major label debut, Gold Chain Cowboy.

And from the very beginning, “Rest Of My Life” immediately grabbed my attention.

The melody, harmonica, the poignant lyrics… I mean, who hasn’t looked in the mirror and wondered, what the fuck am I doing with my life?

And according to Parker, the song came at a time when life on the road was getting the better of him:

“‘Rest Of My Life,’ really I think being off the road for the first time, you know, since I’ve been on the road, and having that kind of time off.

I don’t know if I was really handling it well, I wasn’t really living right, wasn’t really living good.”

And yet somehow, this stripped-down, acoustic version almost drives it home even harder.

Just him, an acoustic guitar, and that beautiful slide work… the weird juxtaposition of desperation and optimism feels so much more tangible in this raw version.

I fuckin’ love it.

He also shared an acoustic version of “Wait Outside,” the first track from the new album.

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