Kelly Clarkson To Pay Ex-Husband $200K… PER MONTH In Spousal Support (He Wanted Over $400K)

Brandon Blackstock, Kelly Clarkson are posing for a picture
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When you’re a celebrity, your personal life is constantly on public display.

Sure you have a lot of money, but that’s the trade off… you have to trade privacy for fortune and fame.

And that’s exactly what Kelly Clarkson is going through right now, as her and her estranged husband Brandon Blackstock are in the midst of a difficult, and very public, divorce.

After Clarkson filed for divorce in June, 2020 her husband demanded a whopping $436,000… PER MONTH. PLUS, $2 MILLION in attorney’s fees.

And don’t worry, I did the math for you… that comes out to $5,232,000 over the course of the year, tack on that cool 2 mill for attorney’s fees and Blackstock (with a straight face) is asking for more then 7 MILLION dollars to visit his kids a couple times a month this year.

And now that all of the arrangements are being made, he isn’t going to get quite that much, but he is still going to get a shit ton of money.

According to People, a Los Angeles County judge ordered on Tuesday that Clarkson will give $150,000 per month to Blackstock for spousal support, plus an $45,601 in child support. So we’re pretty close to $200,000… a MONTH.

This means that Blackstock will receive roughly a total of $2.4 million a year.

But wait, there’s more… Clarkson will also pay $1.25 million for her husband’s attorney fees. That’s right people, Brandon Blackstock is looking at roughly $3.6 MILLION dollars this year… just for getting divorced.

And according to E News, Clarkson was awarded primary custody of the couple’s two children, and they will primarily stay in Los Angeles with her and not in Montana where Blackstock is living.

And for the couple weekends a month that Blackstock gets to see them, he’s gonna mostly have to do it in LA.

So he won’t even be talking care of the kids full time and he STILL needs nearly $200k a month? For what? To live in Montana and pretend he’s John Dutton?

I think the lesson here is try to marry a multi-millionaire entertainer, have a few kids, get divorced, ask for a zillion dollars a month and live happily ever after in your Montana ranch doing jack shit.

Hell of a view though…

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