Morgan Wade: Talented Singer, Songwriter… Ultramarathon Runner?

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David McClister

At this point you’re well aware of Morgan Wade’s musical abilities (or at least you should be), but are you aware she’s got some crazy running endurance as well?

After getting sober 4 years ago, Morgan needed a new hobby and it turned out running was just the thing.

But not the running you may be used too…

I started running about 3 years ago and was super proud of finishing a 10k in 55 minutes (pretty much the farthest I’ve ever run), but that’s nothing compared to the ultramarathons Morgan runs.

Yeah, you heard me right. Ultramarathons.

The races where people run a marathon AND THEN KEEP GOING. Some of these races are 2, or 3, or 4 marathons back to back. Really crazy stuff.

She told the story on the Walking The Floor podcast hosted by Foo Fighters guitar player Chris Shiflett.

“I came to this little trail town, Damascus, Virginia, I played a show here, and the people in this town, I had breakfast with them the next morning… and they had all these shirts on and there was all this stuff about 100 mile races and I said what are you talking about?

Because to me, it was a marathon, that’s the most I’d ever heard of, 26.2 miles. And they were like “Oh these are 100 mile races”… and I was like ‘People can actually do that, they can run 100 miles at one time? … That’s stupid’

But then 3 days later I went out and bought some running shoes. It just bothered me so bad that there was this thing out there, which is why I can’t drink, it’s something bothering me so bad like I need to do something.”

She went on to say shortly after buying those shoes she signed up for a 6 hour race, where she ended up running about 28 miles and was from there out hooked.

I was able to find what I believe is her official race results on, which shows she’s competed in 6 other ultra events, including a virtual 50 miler in September 2020.

She continues to train and wants to run 100 miles by the end of 2021.

Just when you think she can’t impress you anymore, Morgan Wade pulls this out. Unreal stuff and I’m really pulling for her to crush that 100 miler at some point this year.

You can listen to the entire Walking The Floor Podcast below.

They got into running at the 28 minute mark.

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