A Scammer Pretending To Be Latrell Sprewell Tried To Get Concert Tickets From Justin Moore

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If you’re on social media at all, you’ve probably encountered these fucking scammers pretending to be celebrities to get you to send them money to some shady bank account in a third-world country.

There are a ton of fake country artist accounts that pop up all the time trying to scam fans out of money. They usually have zero followers and a string of random numbers behind their name that’s a dead giveaway that these assholes are scammers, but apparently people are falling for it or they wouldn’t keep doing it.

Not long ago I got hit up by a fake Jake Owen account and had some fun messing with them. Then of course there was the time we messed with a fake George Strait account by speaking to him using only George Strait song titles.

So yeah, it’s a big problem because there are tons of these shitbags out there.

Well apparently one particular scammer recently tried to hit up Justin Moore for tickets to his show – and he almost fell for it.

On this week’s episode of The Justin Moore Podcast, Justin and his tour manager JR the Handler tell the story of a fake Latrell Sprewell who’s apparently making the rounds trying to scam several country artists.

According to Justin, he got a message from someone claiming to be the former Alabama and NBA basketball player. And Justin, knowing that JR is a huge Alabama fan, sent JR’s number to “Latrell” before excitedly telling his tour manager that the former Alabama great was reaching out to them.

Well luckily JR was suspicious – because he had already heard from Cody Johnson’s team about this fake Latrell Sprewell who was trying to scam other artists out of tickets.

JR decides to feel out the situation, and quickly realizes that this guy’s a fraud when he gets messages saying things like “This is former Alabama legend Latrell Sprewell” and “Why won’t you text me back? This is the Alabama great Latrell Sprewell.”

Yeah, sounds shady as hell.

And to top it all of, the fake Latrell Sprewell had been put in touch with Justin in the first place by none other than Colt Ford – who had also never actually met or talked to him, but had been put in touch with “Latrell Sprewell” by another mutual friend.

Well JR’s suspicions were finally confirmed when he heard another Alabama great, Robert Horry, talking on a radio show about how there’s a fake Latrell Sprewell out there trying to scam artists and athletes.

So yeah, these scammers are out of control, and it’s not limited to social media.

Keep your head on a swivel out there folks. As JR reminds us, always look for the blue checkmark before messaging one of these dirtbags – and for God’s sake, never send money to somebody claiming to be George Strait on Twitter.

The King’s got that Codigo money rolling in. He’s not going to ask you for $300 on social media.

If you want to hear Justin and JR tell the full story about the fake Latrell Sprewell, check out this week’s episode of The Justin Moore Podcast.

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