Tie One On With Kolby Cooper & Corey Kent’s New Drinkin’ Song, “Ain’t My Day”

Corey Kent, remember the name.

The Oklahoma native is climbing his way to becoming a mainstay in the country music scene, and has become the go-to opening act for Texas country music powerhouses like Parker McCollum, Randy Rogers, and Kolby Cooper.

And now, he’s ready to burst onto the scene with his own new drinkin’ single, “Ain’t My Day,” featuring the another rising Texas country star, Kolby Cooper.

Now we all know what Cooper brings to the table, and when you combine Kolby and Kent’s grit, you’re in for quite the one-two punch.

Written by Kent, Jack Hummel, and Grant Gilbert, the song is the perfect display of how a tough day can flip the switch after a few beers.

Kent had a lot to say about the new heater:

“I wrote this song last summer with some friends via zoom (you know, because of the pandemic and all). I knew! I loved it, I knew it could be a summer jam but didn’t know exactly what to do with it.

Fast forward and Kolby and I are playing a ton of shows together and it just hit me… this song would be killer as a duet with Kolby. We were in the studio recording it the next month.

The song is about having a bad day and washing it away with good friends and a cold drink. Stoked to get it out for summertime!”

Kolby also weighed in:

“When Corey came to me about doing a song together, I was like absolutely; I already loved what he was doing.

Then he sent me the song he wanted to do, and I was like fuck yes, this is gonna be badass! I hope everyone enjoys it as much as we do!”

If you’re looking for the perfect beer drinkin’ song to kickstart your summer into full gear, look no further than “Ain’t My Day.”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock