Riley Green Brings Little Fan On Stage To Help Him With “Different ‘Round Here” And She Sings The Heck Out Of It

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Emily Masker

THIS is what it’s all about right here.

Last night, Riley Green was performing at the Choctaw Grand Theater in Durant, Oklahoma, when he pulled a little girl named Alivia up on stage to help him sing the title-track from his debut album, “Different ‘Round Here”.

The security guard lifted her from the front row onto the stage, where Riley got down on one knee to talk to her and let her know the plan: they’re going to sing the last chorus of the song, but she has to start it off so everyone can sing along.

She’s completely unfazed being up on stage in front of thousands of people, and seems absolutely giddy to be meeting one of her favorite artists and singing with him at his show. I mean, who wouldn’t be? Especially a little girl who will remember that special moment for the rest of her life.

Not only does she lead the crowd in the chorus, she’s absolutely precious and steals the show with more charisma and stage presence than most artists have at all.

Alivia’s aunt took to Instagram to post the video and a few photos from the night. Apparently, they’d met Riley earlier in the day at the resort and he recognized Alivia in the crowd later at the show.

Afterwards, he even invited them backstage and gave her a hat with a personal note. Of course, her aunt says it was a dream come true and something she will never forget.

On top of all of that, it was Alivia’s very first concert:

“Alivia’s first concert….first we run into Riley Green in the casino and get to meet him briefly, then during her favorite song, he pulls her on stage to sing, then they give her an autographed setlist but to top it off they invited us backstage to hang out and chat where he gave her a hat with a personalized note on it! T

his girls dreams were surpassed beyond belief! I can’t thank Riley and his team enough for making her first concert one she will NEVER forget!”

Gotta love it.

She absolutely crushed it. I think Riley might’ve found himself a new background vocalist.

This is the kind of stuff that reinforces why I love country music. It reminded me of the time Miranda Lambert invited a little girl on stage in a touching moment to sing her song “All Kinds of Kinds” during a show a couple years ago.

These types of things resonate with people and, who knows, maybe Alivia will have a country music career of her own one day because of it.

And let’s not forget, Riley also made a pretty epic entrance of his own:

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