Miranda Lambert Brought To Tears By Little Girl In The Crowd, Brings Her On Stage For “All Kinds Of Kinds”

This is Remi.

Miranda spotted sweet Remi in the crowd, singing along to every single word from the front row, and she just had to bring her up on stage. However, when Miranda cued up the band for “All Kinds Of Kinds,” that’s when she lost it. With tears in her eyes, clearly overcome with emotion, Miranda struggled to sing as she shared the mic with an equally teary-eyed Remi.

Maybe she saw herself in young Remi, maybe she saw just how much her music matters to young girls, maybe it was just Remi’s teary-eyed face that got to her, and maybe it was all three, but whatever the reason, you can see how much this means to Miranda.

When being a musician gets hard, and touring gets exhausting, it’s moments like these that remind you why you do it. Every night when Miranda takes the stage, it’s because she loves country music and she loves her fans… and that’s something you just can’t fake.

This little girl Remi stole my heart. Sometimes there is a face in the crowd that captivates you. Thank you for the tears and smiles and for being who you are. You inspired all of us last night. I’ll never forget you.”

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