Flatland Cavalry’s Cleto Cordero Gives His Shoes To A Man In Need

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Cleto Cordero… front man for Flatland Cavalry, brilliant songwriter, and all around good dude.

Last week, Cleto and his wife, Kaitlin Butts (another great musician in her own right), were taking a walk when the two noticed a homeless man who looked like he was not in the best of shape.

Cleto noticed that his shoes were very worn, so he went and did something special. He gave the man his near brand new pair of New Balances, while also buying him a burger.

Class act.

The picture was snapped by Kaitlin. Stuff like this is what gives you a sense of hope for humanity. A lot of the times we see our favorite artists or country stars and forget they’re human. But instances like this help us realize that many of them are just kind, good-hearted people.

And while he didn’t do this for the publicity, it’s still worth mentioning. In a world riddled with horrible stories in the news cycle, let’s take some time to shine a light on the good, and hopefully, encourage others to do the same.

“The gentleman on the left is Cleto Cordero, lead singer of one of our favorite bands, Flatland Cavalry. Cleto and his wife, the talented musician Kaitlin Butts, were out on a walk when Cleto noticed the other gentleman who was really struggling.

Cleto noticed he was in severe need of new shoes, and Cleto had an almost brand new pair of New Balance sneakers in his truck. Cleto bought this man a burger and gave him his shoes.

Cleto didn’t do this for media attention. Kaitlin snapped the pic from a distance and they didn’t share it on their bands pages. I only saw this because Kaitlin shared the post on her personal page, and only did so because she was so proud of the quality of human being that she gets to call her husband.

It is always refreshing when you find the musicians you enjoy are even better human beings than they are musicians.”

Shoutout to Cleto, you’re a real one.

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