Parker McCollum Says Koe Wetzel’s “Honey Pain” Is “So Underrated” And He Ain’t Lying

It’s me again… with another post about another underrated song by the great Koe Wetzel.

Y’all know I think “Make Believe” is one of his best tracks that’s never gotten enough credit, but there’s another one that needs more attention: “Honey Pain.”

And Koe’s bestie, Parker McCollum, just brought it to my attention

But I totally agree.

From Koe’s 2016 album Noise Complaint, it’s one of his slower tracks where he’s begging the girl to take his pain away and vice versa. Sonically speaking, it’s also much more acoustic and stripped back than what we’re used to hearing from him.

The fact that there isn’t quite as much production allows him to show off his unique vocals really well too, and honestly, it’s just a good song to listen to while you’re drinking alone in the darkness… not that I’ve ever done that, of course.

He wrote the song by himself, and I think that’s pretty obvious upon first listen, even if you only know a few of his other songs:

“I don’t wanna ask forgiveness
My pride is too small to see
And there ain’t no sense in saying I’m sorry
Even if I wanna be
This life I live is full of heartbreak
I guess it’s easier for me
I’m sorry

And she said, take away my pain, honey
I’m sick and tired of this rain
I drink away my pain, honey
Until I’m begging for the rain
Oh yeah”

We all know Koe likes to present a bad-boy persona to the public and that’s part of what we all love about him, but these lyrics let you get a bit of a deeper look into his emotions (or lack thereof) during this breakup.

While you typically hear people citing songs like “Ragweed” or “Tell It All Town” as their favorite’s (both songs I love as, well), I urge you to give this one a listen, too:

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