VIDEO: Kip Moore Whoops Travis Denning’s A** In The Gym

Just two Georgia boys working out.

Or… one of them forcing the other to work out.

Travis Denning hit the gym with his buddy Kip Moore for an episode of “Travis Denning And Friends Do Stuff,” and um… you could say that he’s a little out of shape.

Not that I’m judging him, I could definitely work out a little more myself, but when you have Kip as your trainer… unless you’re Tim McGraw… nobody can really compete with that. Plus, Travis notes that he hasn’t really worked out much since high school.

Kip nicknames Travis “High School” (because he showed up in gym shorts from high school), and needless to say, Kip puts a hurtin’ on him:

“I’m gonna really kill him.”

And he nearly did…

The Workout

When they moved on to a little weight lifting, we find Travis once again struggling. Kip quickly reminds him:

“You won’t last five minutes on stage!”

And Travis hysterically replies:

“We only get five minutes opening up for people!”

Lastly, they move on to pull-ups.

Kip demonstrates the technique for Travis and tells him he needs to hold each one for five seconds, and Travis wants to know what would happen in the event that he can’t actually do one,

“What would you say to someone who can’t do a pull-up?”

And, Kip being Kip, he doesn’t want to hear it:

“Would you shut the f*ck up?”

Not gonna lie, it was a pretty poor performance.

Warning: Don’t Work Out With Kip Moore

All in all, I would say it probably didn’t go great, but Kip really put him through it… so I really can’t blame Travis for his lackluster performance. I wouldn’t have made it past the cardio, I don’t think…

Travis has a word for the wise; think twice if Kip invites you to workout:

“I met up with fellow Georgia brother Kip Moore to learn a couple of workouts and pick up some fitness advice. Here’s mine to y’all: DON’T workout with Kip.”

And while it’s hard to argue with that, Travis sounds like he could use a trainer, and Kip sounds like the man for the job.

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