Kip Moore On Quietly Making The World A Better Place: “I Tend To Do The Work In The Real World, Not Over Social Media”

Kip Moore pointing at the camera

Kip Moore is speaking the truth once again… which is really nothing new for him.

He just announced an upcoming tour (along with a stellar line-up of openers), released a new single and has plans to release an album at some point this year.

Of course, if you’re a die-hard fan of his, you know that he’s someone who speaks his mind unapologetically on a regular basis. He often talks about how he hates social media (though, as a musician, it’s kind of a necessary evil these days), how he hates when people stay on their phone during a live show, and how he really, really hates politics and how it has a way of  damaging the connection we as human beings naturally have with each other.

And, in a recent interview with People, he opened up about how he’s been able to stay true to himself while trying to make it in Nashville… which as a lot of you probably know, is next to impossible when you don’t want to make pop-country music.

I think we all experience, to some degree, what it’s like to follow a different path or not measure up to a certain standard your family or society has placed on you. One of my favorite things about Kip is that he truly follows his heart and doesn’t worry about how someone else is going to feel about his decisions:

“Societal standards tell us that the minute you come out of the womb, these are the steps you take.

This is how you do life and the minute you are not on that same treadmill with everybody else, you get looked at as a little awkward. You get questions about what you did and why you haven’t done this.”

And I felt that. 

Of course, no one says it’s the easy thing to do, either, but you have to dig deep and follow your heart.

“It’s always been about letting my heart and faith be my compass and not rushing anything.

Whether it be the pressure of having a family when I wasn’t ready or turning down a huge paying job before my record deal, I’ve just always rolled the dice on myself.

I’ve never let society pressure me into some mold I was supposed to be in.”

It’s just SO refreshing to hear someone who feels exactly the same way I do put it out on a platform and not be afraid to look different or be judged for not following non-existent rules. I mean, I can’t think of many other people on the mainstream side of music who are willing to go out and say stuff like this publicly and with conviction.

I get that his music may not be everyone’s taste, but regardless, how can you not love him when you hear things like that? He’s as real and authentic as they come. And, he doesn’t want any credit for it, either:

“I’ve been doing stuff in the real world and very quietly making my impact for years. I was working within disadvantaged communities long before this shit was some sort of movement.

I tend to do the work in the real world, not over social media.”

AMEN… there’s a lot of people doing social justice on Twitter right now, not in the real world. Be like Kip.

And personally, I find that chip on his shoulder extremely refreshing in a time when it feels like people, artists or otherwise, constantly just do things for clout on social media and attention with no real purpose.

There’s one single trait he can attribute it all to, though:

“I have never given a shit what people thought.”

DAMN, I just love him…

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