Riley Green & UFC Fighter Chad Mendes Make A Hunting Dream Come True For Youngster Battling Cancer

Chad Mendes et al. posing for a photo with an animal

Country music star Riley Green recently teamed up with former UFC fighter Chad Mendes to help make the hunt of a lifetime a reality for a 15 year old battling cancer, thanks to Halo Waterfowl and MTN OPS.

15 year old Mason Ferulli is one of the toughest kids on the planet, already winning 3 separate battles with cancer. For him, hunting alongside Green and Mendes was a dream come true.

He’s in the midst of another fight now though, but that didn’t stop him from going on a successful hog hunt in Northern California alongside his favorite musician and athlete. Making his hunt even more special is that this tough youngster completed a round of chemotherapy just a day before laying the hammer down on this huge hog.

“Mason Ferulli is one of the strongest young men we have had the pleasure of sharing camp with. Not only does he have the biggest heart, he is a truly skilled outdoorsman.

While Mason is fighting his own battle, his acts of service are impacting the lives of others in incredible ways. Truly an extraordinary young man.

Please give him a follow and show him some support as he continues to give back to the community in incredible ways.”

According to Greg Camp, who co-owns Halo Waterfowl with Riley Green, this hunt was one of the most inspiring experiences he’s ever had.

“He’s truly one of the toughest kids I’ve ever met. Just being around Mason, and getting to know him changed my life for the better and really put things in perspective for all of us.  Mason made an even bigger impact on Riley and Chad than they made on him.

For him to tough it out a hunt like that just a day after going through a round of chemo speaks volumes about the type of fighter that Mason is. Getting to hunt with him, pray with him, and spending time with him is something I’m incredibly thankful for and something I’ll never forget.

Helping him stick a big pig like that was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in the great outdoors.”

The hunt was made possible thanks to the Finz & Featherz Guide Service, which is co-owned by Mendes, a retired mixed martial artist. Now that his days in the octagon are over, his professional focus is on the great outdoors.

A lifelong hunter and angler, Mendes now shares that passion with others with the goal of providing world-class hunting and fishing trips. Finz & Featherz takes outdoor enthusiasts on some of the finest guided trips available alongside some extremely passionate celebrities and pro-staff members. The guide service brings small groups of all ages on unforgettable adventures like this special hog hunt.

As a former professional fighter, Mendes is plenty tough in his own right, but even he was impressed by the fortitude that Mason has shown throughout his life and on this hunt in particular.

“What an absolute honor it was getting to know and hunt with ya, Mason.

You are the strongest young man I have ever met and I feel lucky to have met you. Your true love for the outdoors shows and we had a blast hanging with you this weekend!

You’re a stud and I can’t wait to get back out in the woods with you my friend!!”

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