Missouri Bartender Goes OFF On Military Members, Accuses Them Of Stolen Valor & Destroys Military ID


Working on the internet all day, I see the worst of the worst. The biggest assholes, the most obnoxious Karens… scumbags, losers, idiots, I see it all.

And somehow this guy might just be the most insufferable tool on planet Earth.

In a new viral video making its way around the interwebs, we see a number of military members at the Loto Longue in Osage Beach, Missouri, when the bartenders goes off on them, accusing them of stolen valor.

Arguing that their military IDs are fake, he breaks one and throws it in the garbage, claims that they’re not “old enough” to know what 9/11 is, mocks them for “being able to do more pushups” than him, argued that there were no “military operations” at the Lake of the Ozarks, and continues to carry on like that until the police show up.

Apparently, he has “friends” that served in Iraq and Afghanistan so he knows everything there is to know about the military.

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Here’s the story from Noel Cook, TACP/JTAC in the United States Air Force. He shared the following to Facebook, along with the video: 

“Myself and 5 other military friends were at Loto Lounge where this drunk bartender started to destroy someone’s military ID because he “used to be a cop and knows what an ID is supposed to look like” and bends her card and throws it in the trash, refusing to let us retrieve it and just leave.

So he tells us to call the cops. If you can see, the blonde bartender is 1) urging us to call the cops and 2) also calls the cops. I appreciate her efforts since she realizes that he is getting out of hand.

I’ve never been more heated about a non-racial interaction with someone and the straight disrespect he had for fellow service members ESPECIALLY when some of us (if not all) joined the military because of 9/11 and how it shaped our upbringing.

I hope you see this and know that your actions that night will define you as a person. Actions always speak louder than words.”

Noel also revealed that the cops showed up, confirmed the ID was real, added that he was in the military as well, and they left without further incident.

“The bar owner actually supported this bartender And the cop confirmed it was real so we left. The woman who had her card bent may have reported it but I didn’t get to find out.”

The moment when the cop shows up and says he remembers his military ID looking like this…. PRICELESS.

Get ready to feel your blood boil.

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And to nobody’s surprise, the poor reviews are already making their way to Yelp as the video continues to go more viral.

As are tweets, Facebook reviews and even another bar in the area canceled an event the he was supposed to participate in.


Posted by Marty Byrde's on Saturday, May 8, 2021

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