Louisville Baseball Coach Delivers Impassioned Rant About Playing Without Fans: “It’s An Outdoor Sport… I’m Beyond Frustrated”

As COVID vaccinations continue to ramp up across the United States, and select states are slowly re-opening restaurants, venues and stadiums, citizens are begging for full capacity at certain places.

This is also true for Louisville head baseball coach Dan McDonnell, who’s sick and tired of playing in a mostly empty stadium.

I mean, who can blame him? The fan atmosphere at sporting events is what makes sports great, especially if you’re team is doing really well, like Dan McDonnell’s Cardinals. His 15th ranked team is coming off a stellar 7-2 dragging of the number 2 ranked Vanderbilt Commodores, but there was one thing missing:

The electric atmosphere.

Like most states, Kentucky has very limited seating capacity in stadiums at the moment, with only 20%. And according to McDonnell, it’s time to fill ’em back up. However, just last weekend, The Kentucky Derby saw 52,000 fan in attendance (also in Louisville). Granted it was a limited capacity crowd as well, but 52,000 is quite the crowd.

He had this to say in an interview with WHAS11:

“I’m ready to open this place back up, I’m not gonna lie. I’m beyond frustrated, I’m tired of it. We’re an outdoor sport, I mean let’s go people. Turn on The Masters, watch the Derby, watch the games in the SEC and at other ballparks. 

It’s an outdoor sport. You want to risk it, you risk it. I’m tired of playing games without people in the stands. Let’s open it up, and let’s let our fans come, and let them enjoy some Louisville baseball.

And then, I’ll be a little bit more excited to host a regional because unfortunately, I haven’t had a regional atmosphere yet.”

You can hear the frustration in his voice, and I don’t blame him. What makes players excited to get up for gamedays every single day? The atmosphere of fans going absolutely bonkers.

So… we’ll see how the state of Kentucky, along with other states, respond to the request of coach McDonnell.

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