Almost 20,000 Utah Dads Will Be Banned From Hunting And Fishing Unless They Pay Child Support


Deadbeat dads in Utah may soon have to avoid hunting and fishing just like they avoid paying child support.

Hunting and fishing are actually considered legal rights that have been amended into the constitution of 23 states, but those rights will soon be stripped for Utahans who are $2,500 or more delinquent on their child support payments.

The state of Vermont was the first to adopt a constitutional amendment to preserve hunting and fishing as a citizen’s right back in 1777. Utah implemented similar measures in 2020 when the idea was passed by the state legislature and approved by a public vote.

Over one million people voted yes on that provision while just over 350,000 folks voted against it, which goes to show just how important hunting and fishing are to the residents in the Beehive state.

The measure was actually written into the right to hunt and fish law passed last year. It is expected to prevent thousands of active hunters and anglers from buying their licenses this year. Those affected should be expecting a letter from the state in their mailboxes in the near future.

“This notice is to inform you that according to records maintained by the Office of Recovery Services (ORS), you currently have child support arrears over $2,500.00,” it reads, then warns that under a new Utah law “you may not apply for, obtain, or attempt to obtain a license, permit, or tag for hunting or fishing…”

The letter will be going out to more than 19,000 people. Over 9,000 of which have purchased hunting and fishing licenses in the past. In order to have their hunting and fishing rights restored, their balances must be paid in full or they must be actively enrolled in a payment plan for at least a year.

A report from Fox 13 News in Salt Lake City claims the measure is already having an impact, with several women claiming they have received their first child support payments in years and attributing it to the threat of stripping hunting and fishing privileges from their dead beat baby daddies.

Imagine being such a horrible father that you’re not allowed to enjoy the great outdoors anymore with, or in this case more than likely without, your child.

But hey, if it works… it works.

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