Like Whiskey Myers and Turnpike Troubadours? Thieving Birds Are For You

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Don’t you love it when you stumble upon something that takes two things you love and combines them in a way that’s unique but still familiar?

That’s exactly what I discovered with Thieving Birds.

Based in Fort Worth, the self proclaimed Texas Rock band has some noticeable overlap with two of the greatest to ever do it: Whiskey Myers and Turnpike Troubadours.

In the vein of Whiskey Myers, the band has some serious bluesy, southern rock guitar riffs present in almost all of their songs. Ace Crayton (Lead singer and top tier name holder) isn’t afraid to get gritty with the vocals, like Cody Cannon, and the driving cadence of many of their songs resembles the sound that made Whiskey Myers who they are.

The songwriting is mainly what gives shades of Turnpike, but there’s certainly some similarities sonically as well. The lyrics are full of specific references and a lot of focus is put on the details, especially in the verses, which is just about how I’d describe Turnpike’s writing style.

If you’re more of a Whiskey Myers fan, I’d recommend starting with these songs…

“Black Canyon Boom”

Off their second album Gold Coast, this song is an absolute rocker, right up there with Whiskey Myers’ “Early Morning Shakes” and “Mud”. If you like Southern Rock, this is the song for you.


Heavy guitar riffs are all over this one, and we’ve all known, or wished we’d known, a girl or two like the Strawberry Blonde Southern Belle he’s singing about…

“Hey, Leigh”

Off their first album, “Hey, Leigh” is the story of a man who’s trying to change his ways, but can’t do it quickly enough to keep the girl. The guitar is what first got me with this song, very ’90s rock and the chorus is still stuck in my head.

More of a Turnpike Troubadours fan? No worries, the Thieving Birds got you covered.


The first track on their first, self-titled album, and still one of their most popular to this day, “Kentucky” takes you through the battle in a man’s head between a woman, his dreams and his demons. The sounds is Turnpike, but kicked up a notch.

“Stuck in Memphis”

As soon as this song gets going, you’re hit in the face with Turnpike sound and the fiddles make this a certified Red Dirt Country song.

“My Sweet Baby”

The lead single off their latest album American Savage, “My Sweet Baby” is a mysterious love song about a girl who seems very similar to the infamous Lorrie…

“Too Young”

By far Thieving Birds’ biggest song, “Too Young” is the story of a hard living man out on the road. This one feels close to the heart, as if Ace and the boys are playing out their life stories in a song.

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