WHISKEY RIFF MADNESS 2021: ’90s Country Edition

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Whiskey Riff Madness is BACK!

It’s that time of year again. March Madness is in full swing, and most of the country’s bracket has been busted since day 1 of the tournament (thanks Oral Roberts).

So if your bracket is already shit, or your favorite team is already out (sorry Alabama fans, that was brutal) and you’re looking for another tournament to help you get back in the game, we’ve got it right here.

This year we’re doing Whiskey Riff Madness 90’s Country style. We’ve got 64 of the best country songs of the 90’s. Everything from “Friends in Low Places” and “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” to “Any Man of Mine” and “Queen of My Double Wide Trailer.”

And we’re letting you, our great Whiskey Riff readers, pick the winner.

Our Methodology

The rules were simple: To be included in the bracket, a song had to have been released in the 90’s and it had to have been a top 40 single. That’s it. (Unfortunately this excluded songs like “Killin’ Time” by Clint Black and “Two Dozen Roses” by Shenandoah that were huge hits in the 90’s, but were actually released in 1989).

So the criteria is simple. But narrowing it down to 64 songs wasn’t simple at all. We tried to pick a few songs from each year of the 90’s, and tried to include songs from as many artists as we could.

Did we have to leave some great songs out? Absolutely.

But we got it narrowed down to 64, and then seeded them using a very scientific criteria (actually it wasn’t scientific at all) based on which songs were the biggest hits at the time, which songs we thought have had the most staying power, etc.



Here’s a closer look at each region of the bracket:



So go ahead and crack a beer, throw on some 90’s country, and get to voting.

It’s tournament time – 90’s country style.

As always, voting ends at 11:59 PM central time tonight, and you can vote here as many times as you want. Trust me, if you have a song you want to see in the finals, you’re going to want to throw it a couple extra votes to make sure it makes it on to the next round.

VOTE NOW to send your favorite songs to the FINAL FOUR.

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