Sturgill Simpson Fully Restores John Prine’s 2008 Porsche 911 Turbo

Sturgill Simpson standing next to a car

She’s a beauty.

Back in November, Sturgill Simpson sat down with Stephen Colbert to discuss a number of topics including his battle with “The Rona,” late nights and early mornings at the glorious Waffle House, his first exposure to bluegrass music, and his late friend and mentor, the great John Prine.

And as it turns out, John left Sturgill his 2008 Porsche 911 Turbo after he passed away.

“I like music and cars that go real fast man, but I have three children, and I feel like I just had a 4th with the responsibility that comes with this thing. It’s bittersweet, but it will be something that I treasure the rest of my life.”

And now, Sturgill has finally finished a full restoration on Prine’s Porsche.

Top to bottom, Stu overhauled it back to show room condition … and it looks BEAUTIFUL. He shared the following update to Instagram:

“I’ve put off posting about/sharing this for a long hot minute for various reasons, most of them falling under “personal life.” But a lot of folks have asked for the deets after Colbert spilled the beans so who am I to deny you from such bad-assery?!?

With generous help and assistance from Porsche Nashville, I’ve spent the last five or six months (and a small fortune) restoring/refurbishing the “Prine Porsche” to brand new/show room condition… complete mechanical/engine overhaul & steam cleaning, fresh paint & ceramic clear coat and bra, front lip spoiler, interior reconditioning/replaced leather, powder coated wheels, etc…

2008 911 Turbo Cabriolet 997, Generation 1.5

Got this whip lookin’ like its about to go on a stealth mission bombing run. John would shit his britches… and so would you if you were riding shotgun.”

Bad-assery indeed.

Living in Chicago for the past 15 years, having a badass car isn’t really a priority. The weather sucks, there’s nowhere to drive it, too much traffic, garage space comes at a premium… it just doesn’t make sense. But if I ever did get the opportunity to put some serious money into a car, a Porsche like this would be near the top of my list.

Get a look at this thing.

Hear more of Sturgill’s conversation with Stephen Colbert, as well as his performance of “Breakers Roar.”

“Breakers Roar”

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