President Biden’s Dogs Kicked Out Of White House After “Biting Incident,” Sent Back To Delaware

A person standing next to a group of dogs

You all know how much we love dogs over here at Whiskey Riff.

We kick off every Monday morning with a pup post on Instagram, just a little something to boost morale ahead of another work week. And we especially love German Shepherds.

I mean, look at this good boy… tell me that wouldn’t make your Monday morning better.

And while we’re speaking of German Shepherds, two of them made headlines this week getting an unfortunate boot from the White House.

Back when Joe Biden was elected president, it was big news that his presidency would mark the return of dogs to the White House after a four-year absence of animals under Trump.

But it turns out some dogs just aren’t cut out for the political life.

The Bidens brought their German Shepherds, a 13-year old named Champ and 3-year old Major (the first rescue dog to ever live in the White House), when they moved in back in January. Since then, the dogs have spent their time getting used to living in the most famous house in the world by running around the South Lawn and hanging out with their pops in the Oval Office.

Well apparently Major had some trouble adjusting to his new digs, and has reportedly displayed “agitated behavior” around the White House. Oh, and he bit a member of the White House security team.


So now, the Biden dogs have been booted from the White House and sent back to their home in Delaware.

This isn’t the first incident that with his dogs that President Biden has had to deal with. Back before he was sworn in, Biden suffered a hairline fracture in his foot after falling while playing with Major.

“What happened was I got out of the shower. I got a dog and anybody who’s been around my house knows – dropped, little pup dropped a ball in front of me, and for me to grab the ball.

And I’m walking through this little alleyway to get to the bedroom, and I grabbed the ball like this and he ran. And I’m joking, running after him and grab his tail. And what happened was that he slid on a throw rug, and I tripped on the rug he slid on.”

So did the security official that got bit try to pull Major’s tail too? Because if that’s what happened, I mean, maybe I’m on Major’s side on this one.

I think we can all agree that the real victim here though is Champ Biden. Imagine you’re living the life, just enjoying free reign of the White House, and your brother goes and does some stupid shit to ruin it for both of you and gets you shipped back to Delaware. You’ve gotta think Champ’s not very happy with Major right now.

It sounds like it’s just a temporary time-out for the First Pups though, with the White House saying that the dogs are expected to return after Jill Biden gets back from a trip back to their home state.

I’ve lived in DC before so I know how hard it can be to get used to. And how shitty some of the people there can be. So until we get all the details, I’m just going to take Major’s side on this one.

Maybe it’s time for another Oprah interview so we can get both sides of the story.

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