Turnpike Troubadours Steel Player Hank Early Alludes To “Good News I’d Love To Share” Regarding The Band

Turnpike Troubadours
David McClister

The rumor mill is churning in Turnpike Troubadours land.

A few days ago, Turnpike steel guitar player Hank Early got on the Turnpike subreddit to announce that he and bassist RC Edwards have finished RC & the Ambers’ solo record, Big Country.

If you remember back to last summer, Turnpike fiddle player Kyle Nix released a stellar solo album of his own, so needless to say, Turnpike fans are excited.

According to Hank, Big Country is done, coming soon, and doesn’t sound like a Turnpike record:

“Hey! It’s me. I know we haven’t talked in a while but I want you all to know we miss playing for you and can’t wait till we get to rock out with you again.

The big news of the day is that RC and I have been working on his solo record “Big Country” for the past 6 months or so and it’s finished! It’s produced and recorded by yours truly with some help from a few good friends.

It doesn’t sound like a turnpike record. It sounds like a space cowboy warlock line dance party. I think you’ll like it. Tell your friends. We are working on the release date… once it’s set we’ll let you know.”

“Space cowboy warlock line dance party”… I love it.

But when someone asked if there was “any scoop on Turnpike maneuverings” that he was able to reveal, he delivered this intriguing response:

“Wish I could give you some good news, but I’ve been told not to share any details about all the good news I’d love to share.”


In light of Evan Felker’s return to the stage for small town benefit concert last weekend, the immediate reaction from Turnpike fans is: Ok, so when is the reunion? And while that’s to be expected, we still don’t know if a reunion will ever happen.

But Hank kind of makes it sound like something is in the works. Is he just being coy? Is there actual good news on the way? Is he just yanking our chain? Was it just meant to stir up wonder like I’m doing right now?

Only time will tell, but for right now… I’ll continue remain hopeful.

Stay tuned for more Big Country news.

Last weekend, Evan performed with the Teague Brothers Band at Pipkin Ranch in Beaumont, Texas.

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