Jason Sudeikis Appeared To Be High As Giraffe Balls During Golden Globes Acceptance Speech

Jason Sudekis accepts award for Golden Globes

Jason Sudeikis had quite the speech last night after discovering he won a Golden Globe Award for “Best Actor in a TV Series, Musical, or comedy, thanks to his AppleTV+ breakout comedy, Ted Lasso.

Okay, “quite” is a bit of an understatement.

The 45-year-old actor and comedian, well known for his time as a writer and actor for Saturday Night Live, was caught in disbelief as he was told that he had just won a Gold Globe, and not gonna lie, my guy looked like he was zooted off his arse.

Seen in a tie-dye hoodie, with glassy eyes the color of the red carpet, Sudeikis had a hard time keeping his train of thought as he attempted to make an acceptance speech in two minutes. Many people have speculated Sudeikis looked like he had a date with the devil’s lettuce right before he got on, and the faces of the co-nominees are PRICELESS.

Sudeikis starts off his speech by saying:

“Uh, thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press, I mean this is the, for me the coolest thing that a group of, you know, like uh, that’s nuts, that’s crazy”

Then he proceeds to say “this is nuts” two more times…

We see co-nominee Don Cheadle start to motion for Sudeikis to wrap it up while others laugh, as Sudeikis has a tough time letting out what he wants to say.

Either way, Twitter LOVED the fashion choice:

Let’s give the guy a break though, Sudeikis is currently in England filming the second season of Ted Lasso, and it was between 2 a.m and 3 a.m. in England when he had to accept the award via Zoom meeting. Maybe the guy was just exhausted, and so stunned at the nomination that he was at a loss for words.

Personally, I like to go with the theory that the edibles just hit at the perfect time. That’s more fun.

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