Jason Isbell Donates All Money He’s Made From Morgan Wallen’s Version Of “Cover Me Up” To Nashville NAACP

Jason Isbell, Evgeni Nabokov

It’s not really a secret at this point, but Morgan Wallen still has the biggest album in all of music right now. Despite the racial slur, despite being removed from radio, despite being virtually removed from the face of country music entirely… his numbers are stronger than ever.

As of right now, his album Dangerous is still sitting at #1 on the iTunes charts, with his debut album sitting comfortably at #3 as well. And as a result of Morgan’s success, Jason Isbell has made some money.

Morgan recorded “Cover Me Up” for the new album, which was written by Jason Isbell. So as one of the songwriters on the album, Jason gets his cut of the money.

When the news first broke, Jason Isbell said Morgan’s place in the spotlight should be given to “somebody who deserves it,” and that “lots of black artists deserve it.” But he also added that we shouldn’t “tar and feather” the boy and that’s Morgan’s career will probably be fine if he made some real changes.

So rather than pocketing the money he’s made from Morgan’s cover, Jason has opted to donate everything he’s made so far from this album to the Nashville chapter of the NAACP.

“So… A portion of this money goes to me, since I wrote ‘Cover Me Up.’ I’ve decided to donate everything I’ve made so far from this album to the Nashville chapter of the NAACP. Thanks for helping out a good cause, folks.”

You see folks… there are two kinds of people in life.

People who talk… and there’s A LOT of people that like to talk. Just open up Twitter right now… EVEYRBODY has something to say about Morgan Wallen, good and bad.

And then there are people that do. They actually DO something about the problems in their communities and the injustices they see in the world. They donate their time, their money, whatever resources they can to actually make an impact.

Jason Isbell is one of the latter.

Regardless of what you think of Morgan Wallen, whether you support him, hate him, are indifferent, whatever… and regardless of what you think about Jason Isbell, whether you like him, hate him, are indifferent, or whatever… Jason is standing on his convictions and actually doing something about it.

That’s admirable.

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