Jason Isbell On Morgan Wallen: “Give That Spot To Somebody Who Deserves It, And Lots Of Black Artists Deserve It”

Jason Isbell, Evgeni Nabokov

In less than a day, Morgan Wallen has gone from a country music superstar to public enemy number one.

But when you take into account all of the other things he’s done in the past year (the fighting on tour, the arrest on Broadway, the Tuscaloosa shenanigans) his repeated promises to “do better” are no longer well received.

He’s been suspended indefinitely by his record label, he’s been removed from the rotation at every iHeart, Cumulus, and Entercom radio station, as well as CMT and many Apple/Spotify playlists.

And fellow country artists have begun to weigh in on the matter. Maren Morris and Kelsea Ballerini said a woman would be dropped immediately if they were in this situation, Mickey Guyton, Margo Price, Kyle Nix and others have condemned his behavior, and Jason Isbell has shared his thoughts as well.

Why does it matter what Jason thinks? Because Morgan recorded one of his most personal songs.

One of the bigger moments of Morgan’s career in the past two years has been his cover of Jason’s “Cover Me Up.” The song, which Morgan recorded for his new album, has become a favorite among Wallen fans, whether they know it’s a cover or not.

And sure, Morgan received some criticism for it, but Jason called it “really cool” that Morgan as covering the song.

However, as a DEEPLY personal love song that Jason wrote for his wife Amanda Shires ahead of their wedding and shortly after his new found sobriety, you can’t help but feel pretty awkward hearing Morgan Wallen sing it now.

In light of his constant drunken escapades, the most recent of which resulted in him hollering a racial slur in his front yard after obnoxiously arriving home from another night of partying, you have to imagine it’s tough to sing with a straight face.

Hopefully, Morgan can get the help that he needs right now.

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