Randall King Is In For A BIG Year

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Randall King… BIG year… write it down.

A native from the West Texas town of Hereford, near Amarillo, Randall King grew up on the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s country his parents were listening to.

If you haven’t heard any of his music, King is heavily influenced by country music legends like Keith Whitley, Merle Haggard, Alan Jackson, John Anderson, and more, and it couldn’t be more obvious his music. The up-and-comer has even drawn comparisons to the King himself, as well as Garth Brooks, for his classic country sound.

King moved to Lubbock after high school to attend Texas Tech, and inspired by local Lubbock acts like Josh Abbot, King tried his hand at starting a music career. In fact, he was playing at the Blue Light’s singer/songwriter nights at the same time as Cleto Cordero and the guys from fellow Lubbock outfit Flatland Cavalry.

With a sound classic enough to appeal to fans of the old school country crooners, King’s music is also similar to neo-traditional artists like Parker McCollum, Jon Pardi, and Riley Green who are experiencing mainstream success right now. While “the next George Strait” may be a title too tall for anyone to fulfill, Randall King is definitely something special, and don’t be surprised if he has a Parker McCollum style blow up in 2021.

With a full album, two EPs, and a handful of singles, Randall King’s got enough music out there to tell he’s headed in the right direction. While his music can be compared to others, he really has a sound like very few people in country music right now. If you miss when Alan Jackson and George Strait were tearing up the radio, Randall King will give you a refreshing reminder of the great ’80s and ’90s country music era.

Here are six of his best songs:

“Reason to Quit” – Randall King (2018)

“I was smokin’ like a chimney
They said that it would kill me
So I gave in and quit them cigarettes
Now they say that it ain’t healthy
Dwellin’ on her memory
But I know it ain’t hurtin’ me a bit
So I don’t see a reason to quit
No I ain’t got a reason to quit”

“Tuggin’ on My Heartstrings” – Randall King (2018)

A song about giving up the bachelor life and settling down, “Tuggin’ on My Heartstrings” sounds more like a 90s hit than something that came out in 2018.

“Hey Cowgirl” (2020)

“You’ll always be the queen of that rodeo crowd
What every cowboy lives dreaming about
They love the way you shine, give anything to hold you tight
But they know they’ll never get that chance tonight
Hey cowgirl”

“Another Bullet” – Another Bullet – EP (2016)

“So set the free range up in smoke
They might as well just let it go
You can’t work and you can’t ride
‘Cause there ain’t no fields left to run
All the fences done gone up
There ain’t no cattle drive
Another bullet in the cowboy life”

“Around Forever” – Leanna – EP (2020)

Randall King’s sister, Leanna, tragically passed away this past April, and this four song EP was named in her memory. The EP also includes a cover of the classic hymn “I’ll Fly Away,” which King has dedicated to his sister. “Around Forever” is another sentimental song about love and morality.

“Life spins like a Haggard record
It goes from good to bad to better
Nah, you can’t get back the sand in your glass
Got her, loving like it’s now or never
Hold her tight and let her know I got her
No matter what come, hell or high water
Say all I need to say, make the most of every day that we get together
Wanna keep her around forever”

“Hard Livin’ Illene” ft. Cleto Cordero – Another Bullet – EP (2016)

Recorded with Cleto Cordero of Flatland Cavalry, “Hard Livin’ Illene” is ironically a fun and humorous song about a man’s life after Illene left him.

“It’s a hard livin’ Illene
It’s been all downhill since you left the old Airstream
Toilet’s broke, it looks like a murder scene
It’s a hard livin’ Illene”

And here’s a video of him killing a cover of the Keith Whitley classic “Miami, My Amy” too.

Randall King just doesn’t miss.

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