Cody Canada, Todd Snider & Kaitlin Butts Team Up For New “Shut Up & Sing”

Shut up and sing… a phrase artists hear pretty often.

And Cody Canada is tired of it.

According to a new interview with The Lawton Constitution, the song was inspired by a Facebook live performance where he shared his views on the the current administration and overall shitshow that the political conversation has turned into, when a fan told him, you guessed it… “shut up and sing.”

“I was told I was wrong and to shut up and sing and that’s b.s., I didn’t want to be silent. When someone tells me to shut up about it. If you don’t like my opinion, turn your phone or your radio off. … I’ll listen to anybody’s opinion”

Of course, Cody brought in some extra firepower for this one, in for the from of Todd Snider and Kaitlin Butts.

“I wanted Todd because I’m such a fan… Kaitlin was all over it, she ate it up. She has the same opinion on politics and on the conversation that we should be able to say what we’re going to say.”

Here’s a taste of the lyrics:

“Are we there yet?
Are we great?
I don’t know how much more I can take
The amount of bullshit
And constant lying
Sometimes I feel like he’s not even trying.”

Anyone frustrated with politics in this country can relate. But for Cody, he hasn’t been more proud of a song in a long time.

“I really haven’t been this proud of a song in a very long time. This is one that, not bragging, that was always in my head and I was so engulfed in all the b.s. that was happening and my wife said ‘Why don’t you write a song?’ I think it’s perfect time with everything that’s going.”

The Years: A MusicFest Tribute to Cody Canada & The Music of Cross Canadian Ragweed, was recently released featuring live CCR covers from Parker McCollum, Wade Bowen, Jamie Lin Wilson, William Clark Green, Stoney LaRue and more.

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