15 Songs That Will Turn Anybody Into An Instant Whiskey Myers Fan

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Whiskey Myers is one of the best bands in all of music.

A country/rock band from the East Texas town of Palestine, Whiskey Myers has released five incredible albums and appear to be in the studio again. Their deep catalogue is versatile, with everything from tear-jerking acoustic country songs to guitar-shredding rock songs that’ll make you wanna run through a brick wall. Complete with a fantastic lineup of musicians, most notably Cody Cannon and John Jeffers who write most of the songs, Whiskey Myers truly has it all.

With their sophomore album Firewater being released in 2011, Whiskey Myers solidified themselves as a leading act on the Texas/Red Dirt scene, and have stayed on top ever since. In fact, songs like “Ballad of a Southern Man,” “Broken Window Serenade,” and “Stone” are some of the most streamed Texas/Red Dirt songs of all time. Releasing their long awaited self-titled fifth album Whiskey Myers in 2019, the band reinvigorated their fans and proved they’ve still got it.

Appealing to fans of real country music as well as fans of loud and heavy long-haired rock and roll, the band has earned a strong and dedicated fan base all across the world. They’ve even drawn comparisons to some of the greatest acts of all time, like Lynyrd Skynyrd and Hank Williams Jr.. To put things into perspective, these guys were hand picked by Rolling Stones legend Mick Jagger to open up for the Stones at Soldier Field in Chicago back in 2019.

The band also has received quite a bit of publicity in Paramount’s Yellowstone, as their music is featured prominently throughout the three seasons released so far. In the fourth episode the actual band can even be seen playing a show at a bar. After their appearance, their music saw another surge in popularity across all streaming platforms.

Whiskey Myers is one of those bands where it’s nearly impossible to pick a top 10 songs, because they’re all so good. On any given day, other than the top few, these rankings could change quite a bit. There just isn’t a single bad song under the Whiskey Myers name. With that being said, here are the top 15 Whiskey Myers songs I’m feeling today.

Buckle up.

“Guitar Picker” – Firewater (2011)

“Calm Before the Storm” – Firewater (2011)

“Kentucky Gold” – Whiskey Myers (2019)

“Rolling Stone” – Whiskey Myers (2019)

“Ballad of a Southern Man” – Firewater (2011)

Their most streamed song and one that put them on an international stage, “Ballad of a Southern Man” is a Whiskey Myers staple.

“Frogman” – Mud (2016)

“Dogwood” – Early Morning Shakes (2014)

“Die Rockin” – Whiskey Myers (2019)

An anthem for the band and anyone else who loves rock and roll.

“Virginia” – Firewater (2011)

“Reckoning” – Early Morning Shakes (2014)

“Trailer We Call Home” – Mud (2016)

“She got one on her hip and one on the way
Grocery lists and bills to pay
Mama by day and school at night
I tried so hard to get it right
I got dreams, what can I say?
Sometimes life gets in the way
Well, getting by and wanting more
Baby, there ain’t no shame in being poor

Yeah, times get tough but love is strong
Here in this trailer that we call home”

“Lonely East Texas Nights” (2008)

“Bury My Bones” – Whiskey Myers (2019)

The best song off of a stacked self-titled album, “Bury My Bones” is a catchy song with an awesome music video that brings a whole new understanding to the tune.

“Now, don’t throw me no funeral, sister, don’t cry
Saw that fiddle, brother, pass that ‘shine
Deep down in the holler, pick the tallest pine
Dig it real deep where the roots touch mine
Cross the Red River where it opens wide
The heroine sails to the Choctaw side
Follow my trail to a silver stone
And gather my body when you bury my bones
Won’t you bury my bones?”

“Stone” – Mud (2016)

It’s hard not to love the piano intro.

“Well the night is my companion and the highway is my home
Got me seeking for one last beacon, every single place I roam
They say Jesus was a poor man, I guess I wish I had a little more of him in me
Make it easier goin’ on livin’ heartache and misery”

“Broken Window Serenade” – Firewater (2011)

That’s a country song if I’ve ever heard one. The best song off of Whiskey Myers’ debut album has withstood the test off time.

“A couple of pretty flowers, that’s what I brought to you
I saw you through a broken window, with a different point of view
You had signs of depression from a long line of sin
And your face tells a story ’bout the places you have been
I love you so, I thought you should know”

If you ever get the chance to see Whiskey Myers live, don’t pass it up.

Their show is one of the best I’ve ever seen, and percussionist Tony Kent’s cowbell solo is probably the most electric live performance out there. If not, Whiskey Myers also teamed up with their sponsor Miller Lite to put on a full production virtual show at Billy Bob’s Texas back in May.

It’s definitely worth the watch to hold you over.

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