Bar Server Gets 14 Stitches After Angry Anti-Mask Customer Smashes A Pint Glass In Her Face

What is the world coming to…

Look, I don’t like it any more than the next guy, but most public places right now require you to wear a mask right now. So your options are, put it on, or leave… that’s pretty much it.

But to smash a pint glass in your server’s face over it? We’ve reached a new low…

According to CTV News, a server at Crown & Anchor, in Edmonton, received 14 stitches in her face after a confrontation with a customer broke out over a mask. The customer didn’t have a mask, was provided with one, and still refused to wear it. Eventually, she was asked to leave, but the situation turned violent when she attacked the server.

And an old-fashioned bar scuffle is nothing new, but then she took a pint glass and cracked it over the server’s face…

“She stood on her tippy toes and got right in my face and I pushed her back and I said, ‘Please do not touch me. You need to leave. Have a good night. You are not welcome,’ But she came up and went right for my throat. I said, ‘Do not effing touch me,’ pushed her back into the corner and said, ‘You need to leave.'”

That’s when the customer grabbed the glass.

“I didn’t notice until after she got up and ran out that I was bleeding… I’m going to have a helluva scar on my face.”

If you’re squeamish, you might want to look away…




All good?

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Oh, and this is Canada? Didn’t see that coming…

We recently saw a guy beat the hell out of a disabled Walmart greeter over the store’s mask policy, and now this? Canadians are supposed to be some of the nicest people on Earth… what’s going on up there?

Edmonton police are now reviewing the case, which at minimum should garner a charge of assault causing bodily harm. According to the bar staff, the woman also tried to order more alcohol after last call.

Thankfully, the situation wasn’t much worse.

“I’ve had people saying my guardian angels were there… She didn’t break my nose, she didn’t give me a concussion, and she didn’t hurt my eye.”

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