Zach Bryan Is Raising Money For Mental Health Organizations This Christmas

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Watching the viral rise of Zach Bryan over the last couple of years has been truly special to see. One of the reasons his fans are so drawn to him is his genuine and raw passion for what he does.

On some of his recordings, whether on DeAnn or even his 2020 album Elisabeth, the recording quality isn’t perfect, and I think he’d be the first to admit that, but that’s the charm of an artist like Zach Bryan. It comes off more personable, and through his writing and the song production, you start to feel like you know Zach. And while I don’t, he seems like a great dude.

Well, in case there was any small ounce of doubt of that left in your mind, Bryan announced via his Instagram that he will be raising money for mental health organizations this Christmas time.

“The biggest shame in my life is losing so many people that could have been easily told they were cared about.

This year one of the finest Marines in the entire Corps ended his own life after defending everyone else’s for so long, my friend and a brother. Throughout my young life I’ve heard mental illness talked about, I’ve known many struggling with it. Anxiety, depression, disorders beyond healing, and PTSD. I am going to try and do something about it this Christmas.

Starting tomorrow these prints will be for sale on They are fifty dollars, I have written personal lyrics on all of them, they are all numbered and signed by me.

I don’t think I’m hot shit either, I don’t care if you think my signature is worthy of fifty dollars or not, I am at least going to try. Every last cent that is spent on these will go to a mental-health organization of our choosing to combat suicide and mental disorders that weigh hundreds of thousands of people down each day. I’ll be transparent through the whole process with everyone that purchases one.

If you’re struggling, just know there is hope, and there are people who are willing to love you and care about you regardless of your own image.

If you order them before the 15th they will arrive before Christmas. Thank you to everyone who continually supports me through music and kind words.”

Zach cites knowing many people who struggle or who have struggled with anxiety, depression, and PTSD as a reason for initiating this project. Starting tomorrow, December 8, Bryan will be selling polaroid prints on his website.

These prints will be going for $50 with all the proceeds going to a mental health organization of his choice. Each one of the prints also features a hand written lyric of his along with his signature.

If you put off getting your Christmas gifts this year (like me) and have a country music fan in your life, I can’t think of a better gift to give this year.

Hat tip to you, Zach keep doing what you do.

And by the way, get your hands on Zach’s new EP if you haven’t already. It’s fantastic.

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