If Country Music Artists Were NFL Football Teams

Luke Combs wearing a uniform

You’d be hard pressed to find something more American than country music and the NFL.

The two go hand in hand like a burger and a grape snow cone, which got me thinking, what if we had a little fun and tried to assign a football team to some country music artists?

Here’s my list of 10 country artists if they personified an NFL football team.

George Strait – Dallas Cowboys

Does this one even have to be explained? When you think of Texas it’s the Cowboys and George Strait. Yes, most of their success came in the ’90s and earlier but there are still some recent hits in there as well.

You always know what you’re getting out of the Cowboys, and with Strait, there isn’t going to be any surprises there either.

Koe Wetzel – Vegas Raiders

Like Koe, the Raiders are known for being a little rough around the edges. A grizzled looking team who isn’t afraid to smoke and party is a little too real.

You’re telling me Koe couldn’t pass for a Raiders offensive lineman? Come on now.

Luke Combs – Buffalo Bills

Of course, Luke Combs is a die-hard Carolina Panthers fan, but like the Bills, Luke is a lunch bucket to work, blue collar kind of guy. He’d rather a night out with the buddies drinking beers, eating wings, and going through flaming tables than anything else. To me, Combs is Bills Mafia personified. It’s too perfect.

Eric Church – Baltimore Ravens

They’re just consistently a great football team. They might not get the recognition they always deserve, and might not take home a trophy every year, but they’re always in the mix and they can adapt with the times to stay relevant.

Kacey Musgraves – Houston Texans

Both have seen a lot of success in the past few years, but didn’t start to get respected until recently, Musgraves with Golden Hour and Houston with Deshaun Watson. They’re fun, forward thinking, and are always going to be in the conversation. Kacey also happens to be a proud Texan.

Garth Brooks – Miami Dolphins

Used to be really good but haven’t done anything noteworthy in many, many years.

Carrie Underwood – Kansas City Chiefs

The face of the league. Casual country fans know how good Carrie Underwood is while casual NFL fans know that the Chiefs are the best team in football.

Morgan Wallen – Cleveland Browns

A lot of talent, a loyal fan base, and yet still trying to put it all together. Morgan has had his share of “off the field” issues this year, and the Cleveland Browns, seem to have their own locker room drama as well.

Florida Georgia Line – Jacksonville Jaguars

With one or two notable exceptions, both are pretty much always terrible.

Tyler Childers – Tennessee Titans

Casual fans don’t even know how good they are, but those that know, the diehard fans, they’ve enjoyed watching the climb now that they’re finally hitting their prime.

Let’s have a Sunday, shall we?

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