Yellowstone’s Forrie J. Smith (A Real Life Cowboy) Is Proud The Show Is “Representing Our Culture And Our Heritage”

So when is Season 4?

While it’s true that they’ve already started filming for Season 4Yellowstone fans are going to have to wait about a year for the return of one of the hottest shows on TV. The music, the storyline, the acting… Yellowstone is as solid as it gets.

And while at the end of the day, Yellowstone is just a made up television show about ranchers, actor Forrie J. Smith is the real deal.

Forrie, who plays Lloyd on the hit show, actually grew up ranching in the great state of Montana, pretty damn close to where the show takes place. His grandfather’s ranch was located in Helena, Montana, and while admittedly smaller than the monster Dutton Ranch, his grandfather did have over 130 head of cattle.

But Forrie, who spent some time in the rodeo as well, isn’t afraid to admit that the show isn’t as real as you might like to think.

“Due to time constraints and budgets, we can’t make it look like it actually happened at the ranch, like the real stuff, you know the rodeos… but let’s be proud that the #1 drama on cable television is representing our culture and our heritage.”

So while real ranchers might be quick to point out things like horse shoes on a wild horse, or a newborn calf being a little too old, one of Forrie’s old rancher buddies said he was hooked from the very beginning. In the very first line of the show.

When John Dutton (Kevin Costner) looked over the fence at his cattle and said:

“The things we lose to keep you fed.”

Right up there with Sam Elliott, I could listen to Forrie tell stories all damn day.

Here’s that opening scene one more time.

The Lloyd and Jimmy highlight reel.

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