Hunting Wedding Cake Goes Viral: “Trashy Idea, But Well Executed”

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u/kayli_thor/Reddit/Graceful Cake Creations

Sometimes redneck engineering finds its way into the bakery.

A groom’s wedding cake has gone viral after it ended up on Reddit this past weekend. Specifically, it was posted in the r/weddingshaming subreddit which focuses on tacky shit going down at weddings. People then comment on those shenanigans.

Many didn’t seem to understand the joke here, however. The “joke” being the woman killing the man instead of the deer, and her taking him with her out of the woods. His hunting trip is “over” or something like that…

Take a look at this art.

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u/kayli_thor/Reddit/Graceful Cake Creations

Some of the comments:

“A trashy idea, but well executed. Can’t say it’s a graceful wedding cake though..”

“10/10 Bakers Points for the execution, but 0/10 What the French Fried Fucks for the content. This could be funny if Cupid had a compound bow and both bride and groom were struck by Arrows of Love or somesuch, but this “bride murders groom” thing is over the top gross.”

“I took this as a double entendre of her “bagging” him, and his carefree hunting days being over. Hence her dragging him out of the woods and taking his shotgun away. Still not a message I would want for my wedding, but I don’t think it’s a murderous one.”

“No, no you don’t understand. The lady and the deer are getting married, and the camo guy is the dinner.”

“Did she… shoot him? That’s not a good way to start a marriage.”

“As someone who loves hunting I would like this cake if it had the same theme but the topper was both back to back with guns, like a hunting trip together. This is just like trash though.”

If we’re going to talk about wedding cakes, let Luke Combs and Nicole teach ya how it’s done…

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