Dreaming Up The Ultimate Cross Canadian Ragweed Tribute Album

Back in February, two guys on Twitter thought up a 40-song Turnpike Troubadours tribute album, and it looked incredible.

Just a fun pipe dream of course, but thankfully, it may not be necessary now that there could be some new Turnpike, or at least Evan Felker music in the works. Either way, it was a pretty damn cool idea. As for right now, let’s just be glad everyone is healthy and the boys can get back to making some of the best music this world has to offer.

On the other hand, just about anybody who is a fan of Turnpike, or any good country music for that matter, probably knows a few Cross Canadian Ragweed songs.

The Yukon, Oklahoma red dirt country-rock band helped pave the way for many of your favorite Texas/Red Dirt music acts right now, before breaking up in 2010. While their breakup may not be nearly as fresh of a wound as Turnpike’s hiatus, I think country fans would still love a CCR tribute album, featuring some of the best artists that the Texas/Red Dirt scene has to offer.

So without further ado, here is who I would have singing my favorite Ragweed songs.

1. Wade Bowen, Randy Rogers, Bleu Edmonson, Stoney LaRue, Jason Boland – “Boys From Oklahoma”

2. Parker McCollum – “17”

3. Read Southall Band – “Alabama”

4. Evan Felker – “Brooklyn Kid”

5. Shane Smith & the Saints – “Sick and Tired”

6. Kolby Cooper – “On a Cloud”

A few months ago, while playing songs and answering questions from fans on Instagram live, Cooper said “On a Cloud” was his favorite Ragweed song. He doesn’t listen to it much anymore though, after he played the tune at his father’s funeral it brings back too many memories. Only makes sense to have him covering this emotional one on the tribute album.

7. Josh Abbott Band – “Constantly”

8. American Aquarium – “Carry You Home”

9. Flatland Cavalry with Kaitlin Butts – “Cry Lonely”

10. Cody Jinks – “Dimebag”

11. Wade Bowen – “Carney Man”

12. Randy Rogers Band – “Mexica Sky”

13. Courtney Patton – “Hey Hey”

14. Jason Boland & the Stragglers – “Proud Souls”

15. William Clark Green – “If I Were President”

16. Red Shahan – “The Needle and the Damage Done”

17. Koe Wetzel – “Bang My Head”

18. Dierks Bentley – “Broken”

Bentley and CCR’s Cody Canada are actually really good buddies. So much so, that Canada named one of his sons after Dierks Bentley. In Bentley’s song “Free and Easy (Down the Road I Go),” he even says “Ragweed’s rockin’ on the radio, free and easy down the road I go.”

19. Ryan Bingham – “Anywhere But Here”

20. Jamie Lin Wilson – “Blue Bonnets”

21. Randall King – “Lonely Girl”

22. Zach Bryan – “Jenny”

23. Kody West – “Lighthouse Keeper”

24. Carson Jeffery – “42 Miles”

25. Whiskey Myers – “Suicide Blues”

26. Kat Hasty – “Walls To Climb”

27. Cody Johnson – “Run to Me”

28. Kyle Nix – “Jimmy and Annie”

Will this ever happen? Nope, but Cody Canada and the music of Cross Canadian Ragweed were honored earlier this year at MusicFest 2020 at Steamboat. The festival featured a night a covers that were supposed to be released as an album later this year, so hopefully we can get our hands on that one sometime soon.

Cue the Koe Wetzel.

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