Jason Aldean Defends His Son From Ignorant Fans: “When You’re Talking About My Child I Will Come Out Swinging”

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Most people don’t take too kindly to other folks talking sh*t.

When you’re a celebrity it just kind of comes with the territory. The bigger you are, the more exposure to the public you have, and in turn, the more haters you’re inevitably going to find. Most of the time you can just let it roll off your back, but when they start talking about your kids… that’s when the gloves come off.

Exhibit A: Jason Aldean.

Have you seen Jason’s new house? Normally, he would more than happy to float around in his Sandals Resort of a backyard pool and not give a flying fuck what people say about him. But when “fans” made some comments about his son Memphis, Jason clapped back.

Jason recently shared a picture of Memphis with his big sister Keeley and the comments came rolling in… about his hair. One in particular was more than ridiculous:

“Beautiful pic but thought he was a girl. Are you sure your from Georgia?”

Apparently, real Georgia boys don’t have long hair. I guess she’s never heard of Kip Moore, Alan Jackson, Travis Tritt, Brent Cobb, and any of the other Georgia country singers that have rocked the flow at some point during their careers.

Jason was more than polite in his response:

“Born and bred! Not sure what you meant by that comment but you might wanna (shush).”

And here’s where the she really went off the rails:

“A boy looks like a boy. Your kids are beautiful but being from Georgia, born and raised, boys don’t have long hair. I have a right to my opinion. Period. You can insult, belittle all you want. You have your opinion, I have mine. Just cause your a country star doesn’t mean I won’t have one. I have nothing but respect for you. But no ones perfect, but everyone has an opinion.”

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You heard it here first people… no boys have long hair in Georgia. In the entire state, end of discussion. Imagine being that narrow-minded over something as trivial as hair? Can you imagine her views on things that actually matter right now? We’re doomed…

Jason followed up one last time in defense of Memphis:

“You are very much entitled to your opinion but when you are talking about my child I will come out swinging. So let’s agree to disagree and say no more.”

People are dumb…

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