Jason and Brittany Aldean’s New Mansion Looks Like A Sandals Resort

Jason Aldean and woman standing next to a pool with palm trees

Christ Almighty.

Jason and Brittany Andean have officially moved into the home of their dreams outside of Nashville. The mansion took a couple years to build and is so over-the-top at times, it almost looks like a Sandals Resort.

It’s one of those questions you have to ask yourself when you have so much money in a relatively inexpensive place to live like Tennessee – what do I do with all this money? Well, in Jason’s case, you buy a bunch of land and create something that looks like you’re at an all-inclusive resort, palm trees and all.

Palm. Trees.

Jason makes over $20M a year as of late, so that money went a long way out in the country…

The subtle backyard pool.


I’m expecting a random old guy drinking rum and coke in a Yeti tumbler to float by right now.


Virtual golf and bowling and wine.

The front yard is big enough for a Texas high school football stadium.



Shoe closet bigger than most apartments in NYC.


A living room for the other living room I think.


Little fountain.


The kitchen.


A backyard kitchen and bar that would arouse Guy Fieri.

Also, their traveling house tour bus.


A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock