Kip Moore Strips It Down With Fireside Acoustic Performance Of “Janie Blue”

If you haven’t seen Kip Moore’s In The Wild Sessions, you’re missing out on an integral part of what makes him a phenomenal performer.

The way he slows it down, plays with the melody, let’s this one build… it’s awesome to hear these songs take on completely new life compared to the studio versions we’re used to hearing. Not every artist is capable of reworking their songs like that.

“Janie Blue” was immediately one of my favorite tracks from his new Wild World record, and his fireside acoustic performance just reinforces how great it really is.

You can really just soak in all the angst when it’s stripped down like it is here.

He also performed “Janie Blue” on our latest episode of our podcast Whiskey Riff Raff.

Kip Moore joined the podcast to talk his new record ‘Wild World,’ weighs in on the current state of country music in light of Covid-19, addresses protests and racial equality, and of course, performs “Janie Blue.”

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock