Tyler Childers Releases Fan Favorite “Going Home” For ‘Live From Mountain Stage – Outlaws & Outliers’ Album

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Tyler Childers is opening the vault and giving a stellar live performance of a fan’s favorite unreleased song on streaming platforms. Childers is arguably one of the best storytellers in country music, and this song highlights that better than most. The track “Going Home,” has been on Childers set lists for years and years, with one of the first times he played it being back in 2015.

So, nearly a decade of fans loving this song and hoping for it to see the day it hits streaming platforms.

The story hilariously details a 2 AM trip to the Lexington, Kentucky, Waffle House, having a run-in with some guys, sh*t talking, a Toyota Prius, some booze, and some hilarious truck dude. Childers detailed the story in 2018, and I highly recommend you listen to it all before firing up the song but if you need one line from the following, it’s this:

“And then we hit a red light… and I’m like, ‘Rod, you’ve got to run this red light, or we are about to make the paper.'” 

While the Waffle House incident entails most of the lyrical content for “Going Home,” the Prius later gets a flat tire, and Childers’ wife, Senora May, takes the tools out of his car needed to change the flat, and after all these events he is more than ready to be home.

“I got enough gas just to get me back
And I know that she is patiently waitin’ on her wanderin’ boy
Every time she crosses my mind
My heart goes dancin’ like the world is playin’ Soldier’s Joy
So, buddy, I’m goin’ home right now.”

The live performance is part of Mountain Stage of West Virginia’s 40th-anniversary celebration, and Childers is featured on the album Live From Mountain Stage – Outlaws & Outliers via Oh Boy Records with stellar artists like Eric Church, Molly Tuttle, Margo Price, John Prine, Jason Isbell, Sierra Ferrell, and more.

The album will be released in full this Friday, April 19th, and highlights some of the best country and Appalachian sounds that have appeared on this historic radio show.

Live From Mountain Stage – Outlaws & Outliers Tracklist:

Space Oddity (4:31) – Wilco
The Wolves (3:45) – Watchhouse
You Didn’t Call My Name (4:07) – Molly Tuttle
Going Home (4:21) – Tyler Childers
Joy (5:01) – Lucinda Williams
Sinners Like Me (3:59) – Eric Church
Hurtin’ (On The Bottle) (4:10) – Margo Price
One More Dollar (4:24) – Gillian Welch And David Rawlings
Lodestar (5:31) – Birds of Chicago
Red-Winged Blackbird (3:14) -Kathy Mattea
Closer to Fine (4:14) – Indigo Girls
Souvenirs (3:45) – John Prine
You Know the Rest (2:29) – Steve Earle
What’cha Gonna Do (3:25) – Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn
I’d Do It Again (3:25) – Sierra Ferrell
Cup of Sugar (3:35) – Tim O’Brien
Black Is the Color (5:22) – Rhiannon Giddens
Let Me Touch You For A While (3:16) – Alison Krauss
Canola Fields (4:29) – James McMurtry
Traveling Alone (4:48) – Jason Isbell
Isn’t Love Great (2:58) – Sam Baker

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