Big Alligator Surfaces Directly Under A See-Through Canoe

canoe hits gator

What an absolute nightmare.

I’m not even sure what you are supposed to do in a situation like this. Shoutout to this person for doing their best to keep their cool, because it would have been really easy to freak out and quite literally flip out… of the canoe. And that obviously wouldn’t have been ideal…

The allure of paddling around in a canoe with a glass bottom is that you can see what is swimming beneath you. This canoe-er certainly got that experience when their vessel got stuck on something in the water, and when they looked down, they discovered it was a massive alligator surfacing directly underneath.

Suddenly, you’d rather be sitting in anything other than a glass canoe. The best feature of the glass canoe immediately becomes its worst feature, and to say the boater was at the mercy of the alligator would be an understatement.

We don’t know how the scary alligator encounter ends up since the video cuts off after the person in the canoe pans to show the entire length of the gator. Hopefully it wrapped up with the alligator saying “see ya later” and swimming off to leave the glass canoe to paddle on.

Check it out:


The canoe was basically teter-tottering on the back of the big ol’ gator, which if I had to guess, is the absolute worst place you could park your glass-bottomed vessel.

Those that viewed the video on X (formerly Twitter) were scared to death on behalf of the person who experienced the terror first hand and shot the whole thing on video:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock