Drayton Farley Teases New Song “Dream Come True,” Reflects On What It Took To Get To Where He Is Today

Drayton Farley country music
Hayley Gjertsen

Drayton Farley is one of the best up and coming acts in country music right now, but getting this point didn’t come easily.

The Woodstock, Alabama native had a massive 2023, releasing one of the best albums of the year in the 10-track, Sadler Vaden produced Twenty on High before teaming up with OurVinyl for the Drayton Farley | OurVinyl Sessions EP and his own Kudzu Wild EP a few months later. Along with all of highly anticipated and well received new music came a rapidly growing fan base, and a number of high profile shows and festival gigs, including his recent Ryman Auditorium debut with Muscadine Bloodline, to keep the momentum going.

A year that seems to be a turning point in Farley’s career, none of this success and opportunity happened over night, though it may seem that way to new fans just coming across his music. Rarely the case for anyone, Farley, a husband and father, didn’t go viral, but instead paid his dues about as much as anyone could, grinding out long hours on dead end jobs to support his family and playing any bar gig he could get just to keep the music dream alive over the years. And now it’s finally paying off.

In a recent post made to his Instagram, Farley teased an incredible new song  called “Dream Come True” off of an unannounced forthcoming record, and shared a heartfelt caption reminiscing on the road, the circumstances, and the people that have gotten him to this point in his career and in his family life.

“This is a new song of mine called ‘Dream Come True’ that will be on the next record. It really wasn’t so long ago that me and Em were just scraping by. in so many different ways. There were some really dark days and a lot of nights that hope was hard to find.

There was me working a dead end job and giving whatever was left of me to bar rooms for $100 a night after work just trying to pay my dues and make a name for myself. These are the days you learn to earn it. We were trying to start our own family at the same time. We lost our first two pregnancies and those were some of the hardest times we’ve ever had, neither of us were doing well and depression doesn’t begin to describe it.

Those dreams we had of one day having kids of our own and me being able to support us with my songs seemed like they were simply impossible. Then you just keep trying and you become relentless. Then you try some more.

These days are a truly dream come true for us and that’s exactly what this song is about. Side note: Very thankful Hollis brings us tiny things she finds around the house instead of just eating them.”

We need this one released as soon as possible. but in the meantime, here are a few Drayton Farley tunes to keep you occupied.

“Above My Head”

“Norfolk Blues”



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