Louisiana Farmer Gets Run Over By A Combine Just For The Rush: “Sorry World, This Is How I Play”

Farmer combine
Crawcaine Seasoning

Theo Von… come get your uncle.

Thrill seeker? Psychopath? Both? You be the judge of this one…

For me, I’ll never understand those people who do all of this insanely edgy stuff, like hanging from tall buildings, leaping from one side of a gorge to another, or even dangling your legs over the Grand Canyon.

Call me scared if you want, but I can sleep perfectly fine at night knowing that I didn’t nearly send myself to the afterlife just because I wanted to “feel something.”

But hey, no disrespect to those of y’all who do stuff like this, because y’all have bigger nuts than me. With that being said, here’s yet another example of somebody who loves living his life WAY too close to the edge.

This one comes from the TikTok account Crawcaine Seasoning featuring one wild ass southern Louisiana farmer.

In the video, you can hear the man in his strong, Cajun accent talking about how he once flew an airplane without any kind of flying lessons when he was a little kid.

“On the 7th try I landed it, that’s why were still here.”

However, the man has been unable to find that same rush of excitement he felt from that moment.

So, what does he do to try and find that “rush” again? He decides to get run over by a whole COMBINE harvester.

Sure enough, my guy jumps right out in front of a combine, lays down, and you can see the the spikes from the front end of the harvester literally roll right over his face, along with the rest of the contraption. I mean SHEESH. If he moves an inch upward, he’s getting sliced in half, guaranteed.

But, it appears the rush wasn’t quite enough for Mr. Crawcaine, because he says at the end of the video:

“D*mn! I guess I’m just gonna have to keep looking for that rush y’all, but y’all invited!”

What a character… I love this dude.

Check it out:

@crawcaine Not scared at al yall!!!#crawcaine #fypシ #fyp #4u #dayum #ItsGreatOutdoors #southladeep #farmin #cajuntok #firstclassseats ♬ original sound – Crawcaine Seasoning

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