“Hello Haters, I’m Back” – Anthony Kim Announces Return With LIV Golf & Aspires To “Bust Everyone’s A**”

Anthony Kim
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This writer has been gassing up Anthony Kim’s comeback for quite some time, and it’s officially coming to fruition this week at the LIV Golf event in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Still really strange to think that many of the world’s best golfers are competing in Saudi Arabia of all places. Let’s keep the main thing the main thing, though: AK is confirmed back. Not just for a one-off tournament. Nope. He’s here for the rest of the season.

Now granted, on the PGA Tour that’d mean a whole lot more in terms of quantity of times Kim will tee it up. After this week, only nine tournaments remain on the LIV Golf schedule for 2024. But hey, that’s better than most of us ever expected from Kim, who was definitely retired for many, many years.

In a couple of videos confirming his comeback, Kim projected that moxie, competitive edge and passion that he used to play with in his prime. I’ll go ahead and hit his independently-released vid first:

The big takeaways here are, number one, the footage of a Google search bar that states, “what happened to Anthony Kim?” And that’s been one of the most burning questions in professional golf of my entire lifetime. I love the acknowledgement of that. Dude is totally leaning into his Sasquatch-esque legendary status.

My favorite part? The very end. A pitch-black screen. ALL-CAPS white text. Two cuts. Four words. “HELLO HATERS […] I’M BACK.”

God-tier levels of swag. Why do I love this so much? Because literally nobody hates Anthony Kim, save for the upright, downright, forthright squares of traditional golf who don’t appreciate AK’s bravado and bodacious belt buckles. Didn’t think you were gonna find a Marlon Brando reference in a golf article, did ya? That’s why I’m here.

Bottom line is this: Finding perceived slights that may or may not even exist in the first place is the mark of a true competitor.

That point dovetails nicely into Exhibit B of Anthony Kim Comeback Video content.

Doing my best not to just 100% simp fanboy for Kim, so here goes: He looks and sounds a little washed-up. A little out of shape. Looks like kind of a slob. Not wearing anything close to regular golf attire other than a hat.

…And yet? You can tell the man is ready to shut everyone up. Kim makes it clear that, months shy of his 39th birthday, he’s coming to LIV Golf to “bust everyone’s a**.”

Bring it on, AK. LIV Golf needs the juice you bring not only as an electrifying talent and singular personality, but also your desire to annihilate anyone in your path. A big problem with LIV right now is that so many guys just took nine-figure checks to play far less, and play 54-hole events with no cut line when they do play. The fat paydays these players got significantly lessen the stakes of a standalone tournament. If Anthony Kim can string together a couple wins, or even vault himself anywhere near contention, LIV and professional golf as a whole will receive a big shot in the arm.

For the first time since LIV Golf launched, I can say I’ll tune in live at some point from Friday through Sunday to see how Anthony Kim is doing. We’ll see how true that is for the rest of the golf world. I have a feeling AK is going to move the needle quite a bit if he plays well. And make no mistake, he fully expects to.

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