Zion Williamson’s Obvious Flop Led To A Straight-Up Brawl Between The Heat & Pelicans

Pelicans fight
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Just when you thought Zion Williamson’s name would no longer feature in headlines on Friday after the New Orleans Pelicans Twitter handler had his back against Stephen A. Smith, #HEATCulture got under his skin during a marquee matchup in NOLA.

This is around the time of the season where Miami starts to flip the switch and gear up for an inevitable fringe play-in spot, only to run at least to the Conference Finals and “shock” everyone. Their collective competitive fervor is spiking. They wanted this one on the road against a hot Pels squad who’d won eight of nine coming in.

And by golly, the Heat got the job done by a score of 106-95 — but not before one of the wildest basketball fights in recent memory, as Zion acted his balls off with a faux choreographed clothesline from Kevin Love.

K-Love isn’t some goon out there who plays dirty. Dude is like the most professional, compassionate player in the sport. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a championship pedigree or doesn’t want to win. It’s just that, he’s the furthest thing from a dirty player.

So the notion that he, like, suddenly popped off and used every ounce of his might to deck Zion is ridiculous. Don’t let facts get in the way of the Pelicans instigating a good fight, though!

Trust me, when you watch the initial video of this, you’ll want to see it all the way to the end. It looks like the commotion is settling down, only for New Orleans big man Jonas Valanciunas to come flying in with an off-camera haymaker to Thomas Bryant. DAMN.

The Pels have a chance to redeem themselves when the Bulls come to town on Sunday. They better get a dub in that one, because otherwise, we are going to get a Scorched F*cking Earth Stephen A. Smith on Monday morning’s First Take — if he doesn’t drop a response video of sorts over the weekend. It’d be kind of fun to let this one marinate.

Our man Stephen A. got cooked, and then tonight, Zion got cooked.

Zion couldn’t handle the Heat. Convenient pun intended. Scored 23 points on 22 field goal attempts. Not great efficiency for someone who’s often so dominant.

To be fair, Point Zion was still kicking and distributing with seven dimes, but on some critical possessions in the fourth quarter, Zion got swatted by Bam Adebayo (not much shame in that) and Duncan Robinson (all respect to this Duncan, he ain’t exactly The Big Fundamental out there).

How about the Heat’s local Bally Sports affiliate throwing shade at Zion for his flop! I knew I wasn’t alone in thinking that.

Can Stephen A. Smith legitimately see the future, though? People are asking.

Stephen A. seems to always be spot on about the Dallas Cowboys. Let’s be honest — that’s not super hard, since America’s Team always choke in the playoffs.

However, if he keeps nailing his takes on the New Orleans Pelicans, I just may have to tune in to First Take more often out of common courtesy and respect.

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