Man Unknowingly Attempts To Correct A Female PGA Golf Professional’s Swing & It’s Almost Too Cringey To Watch

Georgia Ball golf coach

Not a good look, my dude…

A man is going viral for his (misguided) attempt to help a young lady with her golf swing…not knowing that she’s a PGA professional, and he’s, well, not.

Georgia Ball is a PGA professional golfer and online coach, and often posts her golf videos to social media. But one recently has gotten a lot of attention for being particularly cringeworthy after a man interrupts her and attempts to give her tips on her swing.

Now, Ball clearly wasn’t asking for this man’s advice, but he still takes it upon himself to give her a little unsolicited feedback:

“What you’re doing there, you shouldn’t be doing that. You should be right through. Swing and follow through.”

Ball is polite to the man, trying to explain that she’s going through a swing change, but he doesn’t seem to hear her (or care), and continues to tell her that she’s doing it wrong:

“No, I know, but what you’re doing there is you’re coming back too slow.”

And then he tries to flex his credentials on the professional golfer:

“I’ve been playing golf for 20 years.”

Oh, well in that case…

Ball then hits another one (without changing anything in her swing), and the man then takes credit for her improvement – because clearly it was his advice that made all the difference:

“See how much better that was?”

The cringe…Just zero self-awareness on this guy.

Somehow, Ball manages to main polite despite the audacity of the man trying to correct her, but the comments on her video weren’t as forgiving to the misguided stranger:

“The NERVE of him to take credit for your next drive is infuriating!”

“Not the mansplaining!”

“You were too nice to him.”

“The way he kept cutting you off has me raging”

“Normalize saying “I don’t need your opinion””


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