Cowboys Hater Stephen A. Smith Was Put In The Hospital By Micah Parsons’ Crossover In NBA All-Star Celebrity Game Practice

Stephen A SMith

Stephen A. Smith is one of the most visible sports personalities in the game, and a big reason for that is his continuing success on ESPN’s First Take. He used to trade blows with the literal WOAT Skip Bayless, who’s a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan. When America’s Team inevitably blows it in the playoffs or on any other big stage, Stephen A. is known to rock a cowboy hat and puff on a victory cigar as if celebrating Josh McDaniels’ demise.

While it’s fun to pile on the Cowboys when they’re down and when they cling to Mike McCarthy as their head coach, even if the team on the field can’t redeem themselves, the karma of the cosmic universe will find a way to make the score a little less lopsided. That’s what happened just now to our guy Stephen A.

In a practice for the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game that he’s coaching in, Dallas pass-rusher Micah Parsons apparently crossed up SAS so bad that he was sent to the hospital and required an ankle brace.

Stephen responded:

That’s a tough look, Stephen A. Now I will say, he’s endeared himself to the common man with his personal spin-off show, where he explores the best and worst days to be horny among other cutting-edge topics. But to talk such a big game to millions on TV, at such a high volume, to the point where writers like myself can only take you in small doses and micro-clips online, as opposed to watching your actual show live, and then to have this happen? Yikes, man.

Parsons is one of the freakiest athletes on the planet. His combination of speed-to-power, lateral agility and raw explosiveness is as dynamic as you’ll see from anyone. Why Stephen A. was trying to guard him on the hardwood in the first place is unclear. I’m guessing he won’t make that mistake twice. Meanwhile, Micah has to be dying laughing at this whole situation. Having to listen to Stephen A. put his team on blast ever since he entered the NFL, it’s not like Parsons could, like, physically harm him. That’d be a literal crime. Sending him to the hospital by showing off his galaxies-superior athleticism had to be low-key (or maybe high-key?) satisfying.

I’d feel worse laughing at Stephen A. if he had a more serious injury. No matter how bad of shape his ankle is in, I imagine he’ll make a full recovery. That’s sort of the consensus vibe I get in surveying the reaction to this hilarious almost too good to be true story.

Schefty also gave us an idea of who’ll be suiting up for tonight’s exhibition in Indianapolis.

In doing some research for this end portion of the article, I happened upon this clip from MICAH PARSONS’ podcast. How about that? Turns out, if legend is to be believed, Houston Texans quarterback CJ Stroud hung 40 points on star Miami Heat rookie Jaime Jaquez Jr. in high school.

Well damn, CJ. Not sure anyone will be able to contain him tonight if he does indeed have that type of game. On the bright side for Stephen A., I guess his squad can look forward to a rout!

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