Darius Rucker Blasted By Ex-Girlfriend Kate Quigley: “Mood When Your D-Bag Ex Got Arrested”

Darius Rucker Kate Quigley
Williamson County Sheriff's Office / @katiqfunny


Something tells me Darius Rucker has had better days.

The former Hootie and the Blowfish frontman turned country star was arrested earlier today on three misdemeanor charges: simple possession, casual exchange, and violation of vehicle registration law, according to WZTV.

Darius rucker mugshot


Rucker was released shortly after on a $10,500 bond and his lawyer released the following statement on his behalf:

“Darius Rucker is fully cooperating with authorities related to misdemeanor charges.”

We still don’t know what the drugs he had on him were. Tennessee (outside of Nashville) has not legalized or decriminalized marijuana yet so that’s the most likely case and I think most people are expecting this to be nothing more than a slap on the wrist for a bag of weed… but who knows?

Well, I did say most people would hope for that because there’s at least one who seems quite happy that Darius wound up behind bars for a couple of hours.

Kate Quigley, the comedian, actress, and ex-girlfriend of Darius has taken to X to make a few statements that imply quite a bit about the seemingly lovable guy we hear sing “Wagon Wheel” 400 thousand times each year.

The two dated for about a year back in 2020 after Rucker split up with his wife of 20 years.

“Yes. I’ve heard. All I can say is Karma”

She then followed that up with a bikini picture to really flaunt it in his face that she’s doing great while he’s (assumingly) having one of the worst days of his life.

“Mood when u hear your d-bag ex got arrested.”

Safe to say I don’t think things ended well between the two of them…

Back in 2021, Quigley suffered a suspected fentanyl overdose, and when Darius provided some comment to the media, she did not take too kindly to it, saying:

“Hi Darius, Could you please refrain from making public comments about my health or well-being since you haven’t called once to see how I’m doing & have no clue? Thanks Boo Boo!”

I’m not going to get into any more of the rumors of what happened between the two of them, I’m sure you can find it if you want, but kicking someone while their down doesn’t seem to be the move.

But hey, I’m sure she has her reasons, just saying it’s not a good look.

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