Wyatt Flores Announces Part One Of Three-Part Album Dropping Next Month

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LOTS of new music from Wyatt Flores is coming very soon.

Speaking with Whiskey Riff at Rebels & Renegades Music Festival this past weekend, the Oklahoma native let us know that he has a small, seven-song EP of sorts that’s dropping on November 17th:

“I am finally releasing more music, a small project of about seven songs, and that’s coming out November 3rd… finally getting things in order, it’s been a helluva year.”

He went on to say that it will actually make up a full album that’s being released in three separate parts, with another portion (hopefully) coming in February and the last part dropping next June:

“Little inside scoop, there’s actually gonna be three parts. There’s gonna be this project, then the next project is hopefully dropping in February.

And then after that, when there’s certain business people that’ll let go of my music so I can come back to some of those songs in the earlier parts of this year, that’ll probably drop in June.

So it’ll be about 21 to 22 songs. One giant album, and it all serves a purpose of where I was in my life in the beginning, middle and here I am now.”

He’s only released singles and EP’s thus far, so there’s no doubt that one of the buzziest up-and-coming indepdenent artists in the genre right now will have fans very excited to hear the first part of this debut record.

You can watch the full clip below.

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At just 21 years old, Flores is already being lauded by many as the next big thing in Red Dirt music.

The young artist calls Nashville home now, but with roots in Stillwater, Oklahoma, the unassuming epicenter of the niche Red Dirt scene that fostered legendary acts like Ragweed and Turnpike Troubadours in their early years, Flores is no stranger to the sound and it has had an obvious influence on his music.

Despite his young age, Flores had already spent years cutting his teeth on the local Oklahoma circuit before making the move to Nashville, and his experiences manifest themselves in wise-beyond-his-years lyrics and a mature attitude towards his craft and newfound fame.

Wyatt most recently released a single called “West of Tulsa,” but stay tuned for an official release date for his forthcoming, highly-anticipated new project.

“West of Tulsa”

And his biggest song to date, having amassed well over 40 million streams on Spotify, “Please Don’t Go.”

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